Product Update June 2024

  • 21 June 2024
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We're excited to announce the following product features and updates released this month!


New Features:



1. Export API


The Export API allows bulk, asynchronous, programmatic export of data rows from Demandbase. Customers can export data on accounts, people, opportunities and activities. With Export API, the following use cases are now available:


Support for disconnected customers to export data from their Demandbase tenants to the data store of their choice in a scalable fashion.


Custom Data Analysis/Visualization: Allows customers/partners to export data at scale to run bespoke data analysis or build visualizations and reports.


Abstracting Multiple CRMs/data sources: Data Export API allows the data to be exported to an intermediary data warehouse/platform.



2. Import API


The Import API allows bulk, asynchronous, programmatic import of new data rows into Demandbase or updates to the fields and values for a given row. Customers can import data on accounts, people, and opportunities. With Import API, the following use cases are now available:


Support for disconnected customers to import data into their Demandbase tenant. This enables people-based advertising for those customers whose Demandbase tenant is not integrated with CRM or MAP.


Supplementary Data: For customers who have a connected CRM/MAS, but want to connect another data source/service to their Demandbase tenant database, Import API enables the import of data at scale.


Abstracting Multiple CRMs/data sources: Some enterprise customers use an intermediary data warehouse where they can combine data from different sources for import to Demandbase. Additionally, they may want to connect additional data sources to their Demandbase tenant database.



Product Changes:

1. Qualification Score Setup Screen Update


The Qualification Score Setup screen has been updated to be in parity with the Pipeline Predict Setup screen as follows:


Green refresh button has been removed and a refresh button added to the score checklist section


Removal of score status page - qualified accounts have been moved to the score checklist section


Best practices have been added to the page


There is now consistency in workflow for both the predictive score setup pages.



2. Family Tree Revamp for Account and People tabs


The People widget in the Account overview tab will now show the total number of employees across the family tree rather than just the specific account of interest.


The contact list in the People tab will show all members in the family tree by default and will be sorted by primary company > job level > contact quality. This will make contacts more easily discoverable within individual account records.



3. Filters on Campaign Details Page


Campaign filters have been updated so that customers can now select filters at the campaign level, where previously they could only be selected at the overview page. This product enhancement streamlines customers’ experience while looking at the details and performance of advertising campaigns.



4. Bulk Editing of Landing Pages


All landing page UTMs in an Ad Group can now be edited simultaneously, rather than individually. Rather than manually editing each creative’s landing page UTM, customers can now save time and reduce tedious workflows by editing all of an Ad Group’s landing page UTMs at once.


*Note: like editing the individual landing pages, this option will not be available if the landing pages are not controlled by Demandbase.


💡Please reach out to the Product Marketing team with any questions!


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