May 2024 Product Update


🎉We’re thrilled to announce the following features will be released today as part of the May 2024 release!🎉


Multiple Journeys

Multiple Journeys will let admins define custom journeys for how their organization goes to market, whether that be by product line or business. Having multiple journeys allows customers to track target accounts in different buying journeys, and partner with sales to move them forward. Customers can better segment and target their prospects by creating account lists using the product or business unit specific journey stages for more accurate targeting.

Important: The number of journey funnels depends on your ABX package edition:

  • Professional: 1 journey funnel
  • Enterprise: 3 journey funnels
  • Elite: 5 journey funnels

You can purchase additional journey funnels but no more than five journey funnels can be created per tenant. If you’re unsure about your package edition, contact your CSM for more information.


CSV for People

This release now gives users the ability to import people (leads and contacts) into Demandbase via CSV import. CSV import for people is especially useful to Demandbase One customers who have not integrated their CRM or MAS because they can now take advantage of Demandbase Advertising. This feature also allows connected customers to supplement their synced data with external people lists.


Enterprise User Management - User Updates from CSV, CRM, and Public APIs (Available May 28)

Import Users from CSV: This feature allows admins to upload a CSV file to add new users and update existing user attributes in bulk, saving time. For example, views, permission sets and departments can easily be updated through a CSV file to keep user information up to date.


Import Users from CRM: This feature allows admins to now import users from HubSpot and Salesforce CRM. This feature also helps save time for admins by giving the option to assign attributes to imported users at the time of import.


Manage Users through Public APIs: This feature allows customer developers to use an API to create/read/update/delete users, so they can efficiently add Demandbase user management data to their custom corporate directory, identity and authorization management solution.


💡Please reach out to the Product Marketing team with any questions!

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