How to identify the personas most engaged in closed/won opps in the past 3 months

  • 10 June 2024
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We all know that figuring out who is engaging most with your org is KEY to a successful ABX strategy.


Identifying the personas most engaged in Closed/Won Opportunities in the last 3 Months can help guide/influence how to think about your buying committee. This also can help guide what known people to layer into Ad campaigns. 


Here’s an easy example below to better refine your ICP and what type of persona is engaging in what type of activity:


How to build:

  • Step 1: Pull an account list of all closed/won opps in the past 3 months




  • Step 2: pull a list of all the engaged people at those accounts where a title exists 



  • Step 3: From there, I recommend looking at various reporting to better understand the breakout of their engagement (one example in the screenshot below)




1 reply


This is such a useful tip!!! Will also be useful as our Customers build out their Buying Groups (*New Feature)