February 2024 Product Update

  • 15 April 2024
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New Features:

Prescriptive Sales Dashboards (Available February 23) 

We’re excited to announce the release of Prescriptive Sales Dashboards for sellers! These new dashboards provide a unified and prioritized view of a seller’s territory or account list where sellers spend most of their time (i.e. CRM, Outreach, web app). Historically, sellers had difficulty knowing where to focus their outreach efforts on a daily and weekly basis. These dashboards use data from Pipeline Predict Scores, Qualification Scores, engagement, intent, and news events to prioritize the accounts individual sales reps should target on any given day.

This feature provides the following benefits to sellers:

  • Increased efficiency: Provides sales reps with a prioritized list of accounts and people to reach out to based on behaviors and activities they are showing. 
  • Helps align sales and marketing: Brings together first and third-party data and provides transparency around why certain accounts should be prioritized to ensure all GTM teams are aligned.
  • Simplifies the sales workflow: Sales reps can see prioritized account lists, detailed account intelligence, engaged contacts with emails and phone numbers, intent, web activity, and more – all in one place and in just a few clicks.

For more information, see the following articles:

Sales Usage Reports (Available by February 29) 

Admins now have the ability to view Demandbase usage metrics for their sales users at the individual level and also in aggregate, over time. Metrics include usage of Snapshot emails, Slack alerts, and the Salesforce iFrame. This feature gives admins more insight into how salespeople are using Demandbase, the ability to measure the success of their training programs, and assurance that they are getting ROI from the platform.

See Understanding the Sales Usage Report.

Product Changes:

Contact Page UX Improvement (Available February 23) 

We have recently made user interface improvements to the contact profile page and people list view within the Sales Intelligence iFrame, web app, and browser extension. With this release, a green checkmark helps identify which records already exist in a customer’s tenant. This enables sellers to see key contacts’ engagement data along with third-party data (like emails and phone numbers) directly in one view (e.g. in CRM, Outreach, browser extension).

Location Based Site Customization (Available February 23) 

Personalized website experiences can now be created based on the visitor’s location. Prior to this release, users could only create personalized website experiences based on the account’s headquarter location. With this feature, personalization can be created at a country level based on the visitor’s location, making the experience much more personalized.

See Create a Site Customization Experience.

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