Intent Keyword Sets: Segmenting, weighting, and targeting

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Discussion related to Demandbase keyword intent questions, strategies, ideas on use-cases to maximize impact, and successes you’ve seen in your experiments.

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Hello! I started this thread with the goal of knowledge sharing and ideation of how to maximize intent in Demandbase for marketing targeting/orchestration, actionable insights for sales, and more!

Questions to get things started:

  • Any tips or tricks you’ve found in managing and leveraging Demandbase Keyword Intent?
  • Orchestrated plays based off intent: Trending vs. High, Medium, Low values - have you seen success going either way to trigger your orchestrated activities/next steps?
  • What expectations do you set with your SDR and Sales teams for leveraging intent to create action/inaction? Similar to engagements like web visits, there is so much data that can be surfaced within Demandbase that team members can quickly get lost in the weeds if not proactive about enablement and/or streamlining what’s visible in the platform. How have you navigated this with your sales team members or intent setup?
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Hi Brevan.  Great question.  I work on the Demandbase Professional Services team, and we see our clients leveraging intent in a number of ways. 

First of all, I tend to focus on Medium and High Intent.  While it’s good to see that there is some intent from a targeted account, medium and high intent is more actionable. Some ideas:

1) Intent can be used to modify list size.  For example, if you have an ad budget of $1000, you have 20 accounts, but you want to spend $100 per account, you may want to use only high intent to modify your list size down to, hopefully, 10 accounts.

2) Intent can be used to push accounts with known people into a nurture path in your MAS.  Again, I would use Med/High intent or just high intent for this purpose (Remember, intent is anonymous.)

3) I LOVE using intent, although not automated, to drive my content development for a particular audience.  I would use the Intent tab in Demandbase, set it to my particular targeted account list, and look for the high intent keywords.  From there you can create blogs, modify SEO headlines, etc.  I recommend doing this once a month since intent is fleeting.

Remember intent is extremely useful, especially when combined with other data points.  So when working with SDRs, make sure they understand that Intent is anonymous and it should be combined with other data points like journey stage, site activity, etc, to begin to formulate their outreach plan.  It’s important that as a marketer, you support your SDRs with templates for outreach based on some of your primary keywords.  This alignment between sales and marketing can help enable success.  


Good luck!