How are you using Demandbase to support your Demand Gen efforts?

  • 24 June 2024
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Hi everyone!  I’m an ABM & GTM Strategist here at Demandbase, and I love hearing how clients are using the platform to support their sales and marketing efforts.   How are you using Demandbase for Demand Gen?

3 replies

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This is a great question! 

@jodi.lebow @aakar @KrisCatterall @brevanpeavey - how are yall doing it? Mind sharing?

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Thanks @katie_ray & @ktremblay for the question. We are utilizing ABX Digital advertising to run our paid advertising campaigns and the results are great. We heavily rely on intent data, which helps refine our SEO & Paid Search strategy as well. Our daily operations involve monitoring Sales & Marketing dashboards, delving into specific accounts to gain deeper insights and optimize our strategies accordingly.

For anyone who just started using Demandbase, here’s a great resource which help understand the Demandbase Analytics.

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Great to hear @aakar .  Sounds like you are a best practice use case!  While I work for Demandbase now, I was once a customer, and I used the Intent data in the exact same way.  I also used it to help determine timely topics for blogs.